Bill Notley - former Taiwan, Japan FEPOW

I was captured in Singapore then taken to the Kinkasaki camp in Taiwan to work in a copper mine where I experienced brutality and near starvation. I was later taken to Japan. After thinking about the war every day for 50 years and keeping it to myself, I met a Japanese Christian lady called Keiko at the Cenotaph in London. Later Keiko invited me to Japan.
Without her help I would never have revisited the country I had hated for so long. The Japanese people were very kind and understanding. Everywhere we visited, they listened eagerly to our stories and we were comforted. There was much laughter too. I feel this pilgrimage did me a world of good. No more thoughts of hate, rather thoughts of the good times I had in Japan with my new friends. I am grateful to Agape and all those who support it. My wish is that all FEPOWs may benefit from joining Agape pilgrimages.