Bud and Gladys Langley in Hiroshima
Bud and Gladys Langley - husband: former Thai-Burma Railway FEPOW

Bud Langley was a POW on the Thai-Burma Railway.
He has carried mental scars and hated Japanese people for over 50 years because of the ill treatment he received there. His friend persuaded him to meet Keiko. On meeting her, he was surprised that he did not hate her and decided, with his wife Gladys, to join a visit of reconciliation. They wrote Agape the following letter after coming back from Japan. "What a happy time we had in Japan! Wherever we went we were met with nothing but kindness and smiling faces, hands held out in friendship. After more than 50 years of carrying about in our hearts feelings of resentment and hatred towards the Japanese people, for their cruel and inhuman treatment of FEPOWs, we found ourselves actually liking them, we really did. Those we met are truly sorry for the sins of the past and the Agape movement for reconciliation is doing wonderful work."