Sir Peter Parker KBE LVO - Patron of Agape

Some of us just sit there -the sun rises on our awareness that something should be done, and it sets on the sad fact that nothing much has changed. That cycle of stalling, of self-limitation can go on for a very long time. But then, praise be, somebody happens, there is a spark and the engine starts and we are away. So Agape has come to pass and I salute all those who now give it their commitment and support.

Of course, that somebody, that spark has been Keiko Holmes -she never just sits there. The long and atrocious memories of war cannot be forgotten but we learn that reconciliation is the final victory. Forgiveness is all. "Mutual Forgiveness of each vice, such are the gates of Paradise", as William Blake wrote. Keiko Holmesˇinspired work has been teaching us that in the last decade of the last turbulent century, new life has sprung from the graves of Kiwa-cho.

Japanese people and the British Far East fomer POWs are now witnesses to the practical impact of the Agape pilgrimages in the 90's, both to Japan and Britain. Burdens of the past have been eased and widening circles of friendship and understanding created.

It is a great thing that both Japan and the UK have honoured Keiko's efforts. Of course, Agape's resources are far too small. Our concern now is that the great start of Agape should be sustained to match its future aims.

Sadayuki Hayashi - Japanese Ambassador to London

The moving recollections in this brochure bear testimony to the inspiring work of Mrs Keiko Holmes. With great sensitivity, Mrs Holmes has worked tirelessly to advance the difficult but vital work of reconciliation.

This brochure recognises the fortitude of the former prisoners of war and civilian internees who, despite the suffering that they endured, have contributed to a greater understanding between the British and Japanese people. Their contribution is a good example for all of us to remember the past and to strive for a better tomorrow.

Sir David Wright-former British Ambassador to Japan

I have known Keiko Holmes for many years. She has worked tirelessly in pursuit of reconciliation between former British prisoners of war and Japan. It is in recognition of her work that Her Majesty the Queen has bestowed on her an honorary OBE. She organises regular visits between Britain and Japan for former prisoners of war, their relatives and school children. Her work of reconciliation is admired and respected by many. Those who come from Britain cannot forget the sadness of the past, but they are helping to build new friendships and relationships for the future. I wish Keiko Holmes and those who work with her every success.
Hiroaki Fujii - President of The Japan Foundation

I first met Mrs Keiko Holmes on a hot summer's day in 1994 at the Japanese festival in London. I was instantly moved by what she was doing to pursue reconciliation between two peoples. Since that time I have been watching over her activities. She has been doing what the government officials cannot do. Today, the United Kingdom and Japan are bound by a multitude of ties and there is a bright prospect for future friendship between our two peoples. It is all the more necessary not to forget the past.
Bonnie Williams -President of Waterbridge International

While there are numerous successful Japanese/British partnerships in the business world, under the surface questions about the war, and the treatment of the POWs in particular, do fester. Occasionally we meet British employees at Japanese firms, who have had to lie to their families about working for the Japanese, because they have a grandfather or uncle who was a POW who still today refuses to buy any Japanese products. Only human contact between former enemies can lead to reconciliation; Agape's work is critical in this process. Time has not healed many of these wounds, but Agape has made great strides here - all power to Agape!
Canon Andrew White - Director of the International Centre for Reconciliation, Coventry Cathedral

The work of Agape headed up by Mrs Keiko Holmes is probably the most significant reconciliation ministry between the UK and Japan. Her tireless efforts to bring healing to the deep wounds of the past history of our two countries have given hope to many former FEPOWs. In the latter years of their life they have found that forgiveness has resulted in liberation. All those whom Keiko takes to Japan are profoundly influenced by their experience. For some it has meant that their faith in both God and humanity is restored for the first time. We at the International Centre for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral count it a great joy and privilege to have been able to witness and share in the most amazing reconciling work of Agape.
Roger Mitchell - Writer

Keiko Holmes is a gifted reconciler with the God-given ability to disarm the most defensive and aggressive victims of the extremes of war. As a practitioner and writer dealing with the consequences of our British colonial heritage, I recognise the grace and integrity of this remarkable woman and the quality of the reconciliation work that she and her team initiate.
Rev. Colin Dye - Senior Minister, Kensington Temple/London City Church

Agape, led by Keiko Holmes, is being used mightily to bring peace and reconciliation in both Japan and the United Kingdom. I am delighted to have Agape as part of the London City Church network and wish Keiko and the team continued joy and blessing in all that they do.
Rev. Nicky Gumbel - Author & Alpha Course Leader

Keiko Holmes is a remarkable woman who has devoted her life to the work of reconciliation. Agape is building bridges over one of the bitterest legacies of the Second World War.
Professor Kazuaki Saito -Meisei Gakuen Chair, Board of Trustees

I am grateful for the work of Agape. The efforts of Agape and its supporters have brought a great work of reconciliation between Japan and Britain. As a representative of Japan may your work develop far and wide for many years to come.
Mitsuo Sasaki - Lawyer

It is amazing that the single-handed work of Agape by Keiko Holmes is now getting a good response from the world. God's (Agape) love moved a woman and through Him, the woman, Keiko, has moved people's hearts. May the love of God over-flow into Agape and Agape supporters.

Mieka Anne Sano Loh - President of Filmic Vineyard, Inc.

The reconciliation work of Agape is universal. It helped me in dealing with my past as a Chinese living in Japan - to accept the things that have happened, and close the door behind me to move on. I wish Agape continued success.

Nobuetsu Okita - Historian

I salute Agape for its efforts at grass-roots level towards the work of reconciliation. I trust that this work will reach FEPOWs in other countries too.

Christian Tyler - a senior staff writer on the Financial Times

A recent visit to the Thai-Burma railway convinced me that there are people on both sides who need to come to terms with what happened there before they die. The victims need to have their suffering acknowledged, the perpetrators to admit what they did. This is unfinished business. Silence is no solution, and soon it will be too late.