Fred Ryall and Bass Trevethick
Fred Ryall - Chairman of the London FEPOW Club

On 4th May 1942, less than eight weeks after being taken prisoner, four of our number were executed on being recaptured after escaping from our prisoner of war camp in Java.
That was the first time I experienced seeing POWs die. Little did I realise then that they would be followed by thousands of others who would die unnecessarily and mercilessly in captivity during the next three and a half years. It is no wonder that the matter of reconciliation between our two countries causes such division amongst FEPOWs. I continue to feel deeply about those days, but to my mind, to perpetuate the past does nothing for the future. Yet reconciliation must be a matter for each individual to consider in accordance with his conscience and then always to have respect for the differing views of others. This being so, I wish Agape every possible success and that is not to show disloyalty to comrades who did not return and who will always remain in my memory.