Fred Seiker in 1945 Fred Seiker today
Fred Seiker - Dutch former Thai-Burma Railway FEPOW

I first learned about Keiko through a 1998 FEPOW newsletter, and sent her a copy of my book, "Lest we Forget" She invited my wife and I to go on a reconciliation visit to Japan. This invitation caused mayhem with my attitude towards the Japanese at that time. As a survivor of the infamous "Railway of Death"; this was not surprising. The Japanese nation did not exist as a civilised people as far as I was concerned. However, our visit to Japan in 1999 changed all that. The warmth and generosity of the people we met was overwhelming and sincere. Today I carry no grudge towards the Japanese of the present generation. I have made many close friends, especially Akira and Koji. The dedication of Keiko and her organisation Agape made this miracle possible. A destructive ghost has been laid to rest.