Hitoshi Katsurai (left)
and Celia Pease
Hitoshi Katsurai - Agape supporter

I first came to know of Keiko and the Iruka POWs from the moving article written by Keiko in 1992 for a Japanese newspaper. Since then I have met Keiko and several Iruka POWs, their families and other former FEPOWs, as well as some of their grandchildren. As is now well known, Keiko has devoted herself to trying to ease the wounds of war and bitterness towards Japan by meeting as many FEPOWs as she can.
At the same time, she is helping us in Japan to lift, to some degree, the feeling of guilt and remorse that burdens us as we remember the atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese army during the war. It is heartening that, as a result of her efforts, FEPOWs are coming to the country they once hated and are extending their hands in friendship to all they meet, bringing peace in their midst. We are delighted that the younger generation, particularly grandchildren of POWs are taking part in the pilgrimages. Future peace in the world lies in their hands.