Keiko Murakami (right) and
Hiroko Akagi (Chairman of
Hiroshima YWCA)
Keiko Murakami - victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb
Last summer Agape invited 20 Japanese supporters to England to meet with FEPOWs. I had not spoken to any FEPOWs until then, as I had only recently joined Agape, so I was a little anxious about meeting them.
However, seeing my name badge, FEPOWs came to talk to me saying, "Here is another Keiko!" They were very friendly and we shared our wartime experiences. I could identify with their sufferings because I myself am a victim of the atomic bomb. It is important for Japanese people to learn that we are not only victims of war but perpetrators too. Through Agape I have gained numerous friends and I feel honoured to be involved with Agape and am spreading the good news far and wide.