Marianne Abbott at Hodogaya

Marianne Abbott - former FEPOW's daughter

It had always been my wish to visit my father's grave in Yokohama. He died as a POW in Kyushu, when I was 7 years old. He was 30 years old.
In 1995 I joined a pilgrimage of reconciliation to Japan. We visited a school where the children asked questions about the war and one of the men spoke about how he had been treated; you could have heard a pin drop. Maybe these children will understand the history of war a lot better now. On 11th November we attended a Memorial Service in Yokohama. It was extra special for me because it was held around my father's grave, so in my mind I was attending his funeral. I couldn't believe I was actually standing at the grave of my father after 52 years. I buried my grandmother's rosary and some poppies deep in the earth around the stone. After the two minutes silence a piper played the lament. My tears fell like rain, but what joy for me to lay him to rest at last. I have now fulfilled my dream and offer all my love and gratitude to Agape and its supporters.