Pam Raven (left) shopping at
a supermarket in Japan
Pam Raven - widow of former Thai-Burma FEPOW

I started my journey to Japan with misgivings. What was I doing on this plane going to a country and meeting people I abhorred? On the other hand, hate is a negative thing. It has no plus side, and in principle, should be exorcised. But could I do it? Twelve days later I had changed. Reconciliation had begun in my heart. The people we were meeting were surprisingly, and yet unsurprisingly, just like us! We laughed together and wept together and through those feelings, a tenuous bond was born which grew stronger throughout our stay. I know it will continue to do so through Agape. These days I feel better in myself and would like to think that others, both British and Japanese, will benefit from the Agape movement.