Phyllis King today and
Matsukichi Kawazu
Phyllis King - former Hong Kong civilian internee

When I was captured I was working as a nurse in Hong Kong and sent to Stanley Prison Camp with 49 other nursing sisters. My faith in God grew during that difficult time and to this day I have never felt any animosity towards the Japanese.
I met Keiko in Devon during a Christmas holiday and came to know about her reconciliation work. In March 1994 I joined her Pilgrimage of Reconciliation. I was 86 years old! When we arrived at the local railway station, we were greeted by the Kinan High School brass band playing "God Save the Queen". We were all very touched. The memorial service with Japanese people at the Iruka grave was moving the brass band played the hymns. We visited Kinan High School and the whole school assembled in the school ground with Union Jacks, balloons and flowers to receive us. They were very interested in hearing about wartime history. The cooking club prepared delicious Japanese curry for lunch. We stayed with Japanese families overnight and had a marvellous time sharing each other's cultures and there was lots of laughter. I will never forget the heart-warming experiences, especially those sweet smiles of the school children in Japan.