by Jesse Adams


Hard-by our camp where in we spent those lonely hours
Two roads lay forked among the silent pines
But only one, the right-hand one was ours
Which took us to our labours in the mines

Each day we marched along that dreaded way
To blood and sweat, the payment for our toil
In solid rock we worked the live-long day
Far from the sun beneath a foreign soil

The other road which took the left-hand turn
Led back along the valley to the sea
Back to the towns, the railhead, and the docks
The one way out when once again we're free

We passed that corner time and time again
But 'twas to the right we always strode
And now with freedom here it's changed and so
We're on our way back home down 'Freedom Road'

Idea originated in Iruka POW camp Japan in 1944 and written on board
H.M.S. Implacable on the homeward journey. October 1945


Were they the tears of Heaven?
All the day-long rain
Sent to ease the sorrow
And wash away the pain
Then the new day dawned
The sky an azure blue
These were the tears of Heaven
I know this to be true
So we were reunited
After all the many years
With our long-lost comrades
By Heaven's falling tears

Iruka, Japan
Oct 8th & 9th 1992