Tony Hardy - son of former Thai-Burma, Japan FEPOW

Tony's father, Thomas, was a POW on the Thai-Burma Railway and in Japan. Through Agape in 1995 he revisited Japan with Tony under very different circumstances. In 1999 Thomas passed away and Agape received the following letter from Tony: "Thank you for attending my father's funeral. You made a significant impact on his life. The trip to Japan also revitalised him. We noticed how my father looked much better, more relaxed and happier after a week of the pilgrimage. He had seldom shown his emotions but he was as excited as a child on his first day at school. He hugged many people throughout the trip. Since the trip my father only referred to the Japanese people with respect and affection. As a result, he came to respect himself more and was happier. By saying hello to Japan, unwittingly he waved goodbye to the ghosts of his past. Japan remained in his heart forever and the trip added years to his life. Agape is touching many needy people."